Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Standing, Walking, and more teeth...

No picture this time (haven't unloaded the camera yet and the teeth aren't in enough to be easy to capture on camera) but Kaylee cut two more teeth over the weekend! Her top two front teeth are there - one is completely broken through and one is partially broken through. Now her bites have substance!!!

Also, she is walking and standing and getting around quickly. It's really mind-blowing how quickly this is all happening. The other day I cleared our cleaning supplies and "stuff" out from under the kitchen sink and put our plastic Tupperware type stuff under there instead.

All this teething is wreaking havoc on her sleeping and eating though. :) I just get it figured out again and there's another tooth!

More to come....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crawling and Kneeling and Teeth, Oh My!

I cannot believe it's been a full two months since the last multi-picture and movie update. The time goes so fast and we're so busy around here... ESPECIALLY since Kaylee learned how to crawl last week. Oh my goodness. She has grown and changed so much in two months....

I think perhaps instead of waiting to do a long update I'll try and do smaller ones weekly - let's try it for a bit and see how it goes! That is my good intention, at any rate...

Let's get a quick recap on what we have been doing...

We posted a quick update after her last set of shots and then Easter. After that, we were in Fredericton for 2.5 weeks having adventures with Aunt J and Uncle I's kitties and dog. Kaylee loved watching the animals rip and tear and generally act crazy all day long.

While in Fredericton, we got to catch up with lots of friends and family, though on a much slower pace than I was used to pre-Kaylee. We also had purchased a new stroller in April and we test-drove it in the Regent Mall and downtown quite a few times. Kaylee LOVES the stroller, where she can sit up and look around and see everything that's going on. We relaxed a lot during our stay in Fredericton though, and had a really nice time, shopping our way through the thrift stores and spring sales and finding a lot of great deals on clothes for Kaylee for the next year or so. We also had lots of coffee dates, and even a few playtimes with other kids!

Kaylee at Smitty's at Regent Mall, while we visited a friend.

May was also a busy month, with Kaylee growing out of quite a few of her clothes (she's very tall, and most of her things got too short both in the body and legs!) and she was learning something new every day. Her eating and sleeping have been a little all over the place with her growth, and developmentally, she has learned that if she moves her mouth and tongue around while vocalizing, she can make different sounds. So now instead of just yelling, her yells end in this cute little "way-oh-way-oh oh-eee-oh-eee" sort of thing.

Warmer weather has also been slowly arriving here, and a couple weeks ago we started having our lawn mowed, saw our first mosquitoes and black flies, and then started enjoying some beautiful sunshine in the afternoons. We have rediscovered our enjoyment of some of the simpler things, like flying kites and blowing bubbles. We have enjoyed kites together for years, in Florida and up here, and have done bubbles on family picnics in the past, so we decided to see what Kaylee thought of them.

Kaylee and Ian sitting on the lawn; Ian flying an Elmo kite.

And a few shots of Kaylee I took while we were outside:

She seemed to enjoy touching the blades of grass.

Cute hat courtesy of our dear friend Jens;
cute face courtesy of good genes. :)

Since the weather has gotten warmer, we've started putting her in some of her footless pajamas with bare toes instead of socks, or even a tshirt and shorts pajama set if it's really warm... She's so cute when she sleeps... she likes to get on her side or her belly and cross her legs and put her hands up by her face.

Kaylee all snuggled up in her crib...

Oh, and then there's also snuggly lazy chair time...

Kaylee snuggled up in Daddy's arms/lap.

Kaylee started practicing getting up on her knees right about when we got back from Fredericton. She first could only do it when her feet were braced against the couch or the wall, and then she started to get stronger and stronger. Here's a few progressive videos of her first attempts at getting up on her knees...

I think I can do this, but it's a lot of work!

Ooh! I can really get around if I concentrate!

Making a break for it. :)

Another newer development in the last few weeks is that Kaylee has learned how to wave hello and bye-bye, as well as clap her hands. Here's a shot of her waving at the camera (please ignore my toes!). Note her red knees, this is the second or third day after she started crawling, and she got carpet burns because our rugs are a little rough. I've been keeping her legs slathered up with baby moisturizing cream and now they are not burned, but are a little rough and dry. I guess she toughened up a little.

Kaylee is also playing with her toys more independently and seems to really enjoy a few shows on Sprout and Noggin. On Sprout, we watch Sesame Street every time it comes on. We also watch Bernstein Bears, Thomas the Train, Caillou, and Fifi and the Flowertots. Occasionally I feel my brain cells crying out in agony, but most of the time it's manageable. Actually, I still love Sesame Street myself and enjoy watching for some of the really old shorts from the 70's that they are still using in their programming. I saw the counting pinball song the other day (onetwothree FOURFIVE sixseveneight nineten ELEVENTWELVE bee doo doo doo do do bee doo doo do doodle do bee do do! ELEVEN! insert funky music here....)

Kaylee playing with the laundry basket we keep
toys in rather than the toys themselves... hehe

What is it with babies and electronics? She
refuses to leave this stuff alone! Here she
is sticking her fingers into the slots for the
memory cards on Ian's Gamecube.

This is the crinkly crackly dragon ball pit that
all the colored balls belong to. Kaylee loves it
and one day I got her quietly playing with it in
the pack and play.

Classic baby game... Peek-a-boo! Kaylee LOVES playing this with anyone, anywhere. You can hide around the corner, behind your hands, under a blanket, etc. She LOVES it!

Kaylee and Daddy playing peek-a-boo!

Kaylee waving again... note the Gator Baby bodysuit.

A little shot of her teeth... she only had two here.

But more were on the way - this is teething time.
The drool is amazing! She now has FOUR teeth!

One night she conked out on the floor mid-bottle. Note how
many of her close friends (Pooh, Tigger, and Monkey) are nearby...

We've tried a few more foods out on Kaylee recently as well. One day when Mom and Dad were over, I tried a broccoli, potato, and cheese casserole on her (Heinz Canada makes quite a few combinations we can't get over here, and though I mostly make my own, I pick up the new ones once in a while for taste testing and traveling). Yeah, so she didn't really care for it.

Yeah, um... YUCK. Why are you still feeding it to me?

We've really enjoyed all the new sounds and the "talking" she is doing with us. We haven't really heard any words yet, but she sounds like she's trying to say "Da Da Da" sometimes. She moves her tongue sometimes to change sounds and she moves her lips other times, and sometimes she does both, so it makes for some hilarious faces, too.

Here's a few small sounds...

Here, she is a little perturbed that we haven't
magically made her supper ready in 3 seconds.

More talking!

This one was taken VERY recently and we
hear a lot of this every day now. Cute.. :)

Speaking of talking, here she is on the phone
with her Grandmother in Florida. She doesn't
speak on the phone yet, she just looks at us in
shock and surprise and excitement, and tries
to mouth the phone and push the buttons. If
you listen really well, you might almost hear
Ian's mom in the background on the phone.

We are very blessed to have very sweet family and friends and we get sweet little surprises here and there, like the sunhat in the outdoor pictures above, and this gorgeous little dress, below. It arrived here on a Saturday and I took Kaylee to church on Sunday wearing it. It looks so cute on her! She also got a stylin' pair of pink sunglasses with it, but we didn't wear them for the picture. It's not the greatest picture, but I wanted everyone to see how cute she is! The dress reminds me of those embroidered pleated smock dresses from the 70's...

Kaylee wearing her new pink dress from
Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Tim. Thank you!

Again, apologies for taking so long to update... we've been busy bleah yada yada but that's really not a good reason to take so long... I'll try and post pics more as we take them. Thanks for keeping up with us! Until next time...