Monday, August 30, 2010

August 2010

It's been another busy month. We've all been enjoying summer... Kaylee and Daddy have special play time at the park several days a week, Kaylee and Mama get in the car and go do fun stuff and errands... all of us go on day trips and plane trips, and it's just good to spend time together!

So to start off the new stream of photos....

Here is Happy Kaylee, the last day in her crib:

Daddy's little Gator!

We also got Kaylee a tricycle to try this summer. She's not honestly that interested in it right now, but she isn't tall enough to pedal it. We'll let her play on it in the basement this winter and try again next spring. It's a Fisher Price Barbie tricycle and I got a super duper deal on it at, if anyone's looking for something like this. In this picture, Kaylee is yelling at me because she wants to get off and run away and I wanted her to stay put long enough for a picture. :)


One day, we managed to convince Daddy to come to town with us to run a couple errands, and we ended up at Burger Boy for lunch together as a family. We have been introducing Kaylee to eating in booths and chairs when we go to some places, as she's starting to get too tall for the high chairs. Most of the time, if she's genuinely hungry, it works out OK and we all get to eat. :)

Kaylee and Mama playing with a ketchup cup in the booth at Burger Boy.

As we mentioned in the last update, Kaylee learned how to climb out of her Pack & Play the first night we went camping, which also meant she could technically get out of her crib also, even though she had not done so. We ended up getting her a toddler bed so we could stop worrying about her falling out of the crib and hurting herself. Fortunately, you can reuse the crib mattress with most toddler bed frames, and Kaylee had a really great mattress. Which means we can also reuse the bedding (crib sheets) and put off buying linens for her for a while. Again, great deal found at

Kaylee's new bed

Kaylee seeing her new bed and trying it out

Of course, now that Kaylee is in a toddler bed and not her crib, she sometimes goes on naptime adventures. One of which is she loves to empty out her dresser. We're trying to break her of this habit, and it actually hasn't happened for a while... She usually just stays in bed and yells progressively louder until we come and get her. TODAY she got out of bed and grabbed the newly opened box of tissues and the newly opened package of baby wipes and took them into bed with her and took every last tissue and wipe out of their containers. We found her in bed with a mountain of baby wipes wadded under her like a pillow, and a mountain of tissues surrounding her head. Fortunately for us, she didn't shred the tissues, as is her normal fun time tissue activity. It was kinda funny, really.

Kaylee taking stuff out of her dresser.

Kaylee napping in her new bed.

And a random cute facial expression shot:

Mischievous Kaylee

We took an impulsive trip to Florida in early August to spend some time with our best friends, who we miss so much, and who just lost a loved one. We were so excited to hang out with Aunt Courtney and Uncle Chris also, before coming home again. It was HOT in FL, but the beach was so beautiful. We had a ton of rainy weather while we were down, so we only got in a couple beach trips.

Here are some photos taken at the beach at Howard Park. It was sunset and a rain storm was approaching. I love these photos.

L-R: Matthew, Will, Kaylee, Ian, Emma

Kaylee exploring the waves coming in

Splashing around...

Really loving the warm water at the beach in FL

See her huge smile? She's looking at her Daddy, by the way.

Kaylee and Daddy going a little deeper (Ian's sitting down here).

Setting Kaylee down on her feet - guess she was surprised. :)

Kaylee LOVES music, and especially loves tickling the ivories. Mimi has a gorgeous piano and Kaylee can play for almost an hour at a time, and she's not banging away very hard, just plunking around on the keys. It's cute!

Kaylee playing piano at Mimi's...

Another random shot of Kaylee asleep - she likes to stretch out and take up the whole sleeping area. Kinda glad she hates to get in bed with us; she'd probably take up the whole bed!

So tired! Been a busy summer!

Another adventure we had this month was a day trip to Dipper Harbor, NB. This is only a couple miles up the road from New River Beach, NB where we went on our camping trip last month. We travelled to Dipper Harbor to visit our friends Matthew and Darlla and their family. It was a gorgeous sunshiny warm day, and we had a delicious picnic on the beach and shared great conversation, great food, and good fellowship. We even made some new friends!

The beach we were at was a pebble beach. It was so pretty... we couldn't help ourselves and we took a few pebbles home with us to remember that day.

Kaylee and Daddy exploring - note her high-water pants! She grew TALL!

Darlla blowing bubbles for Kaylee, James, and Lillian

Kaylee taking a closer look at the beach pebbles...

Just hanging out, playing with the bubble wand...

Hanging out on a beach chair...

Playing with the bubbles and toys...

Ooooh! This water is fun, but chilly!

Hey! There's rocks in the WATER, too!

Cool! If you throw the rocks down, they splash!

Tide coming in, a little higher every minute...

Still throwing rocks, getting wetter by the second...

Oh well, we're soaked now, doesn't matter any more...

Splashy splash splash splash splash splash...

Don't really have the bending over thing down yet, either. Squatter, but wetter. :)

More rocks...


We've been enjoying the bounty of our very generous neighbor's garden this month. Corn on the cob is one of our big favorites this year, along with tomatoes and cucumbers. We've also had peas, stringbeans, broccoli, and potatoes. Kaylee got to enjoy her first corn on the cob this year though... :) She figured it out pretty quick.

Mmmmmm... yummy corn....

And last, but not least, we still have campfires. We have been pretty busy much of the summer and not home to have campfires, but now that the evenings are cooling off, we want to enjoy the fire pit again. We tore down the old brick fire pit that was falling in, and set up a new one with a fire ring made out of a truck rim. It works really well!

A couple nights ago we took some hot dogs and drinks and the fixings for S'mores down and had a campfire. Kaylee loves to play outside while we do this, and this evening was no exception. Kelly and Molly even joined in on the fun, and these pictures were taken by our dear friend Kelly.

Just being a cutie, one of Molly's favorite tricks... :)

How cute is she?

Next up on the list of adventures... Kaylee's second birthday party, and a visit from Mimi! Until next update...

**Please note: Blogger is experiencing some technical difficulties with videos for now, so I'll upload them again in a separate post soon. I've uploaded and deleted videos twice now (they don't play after uploading).**

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I love taking pictures of Kaylee exploring her surroundings at the beach.

Until next time,
Ian, Georgine, and Kaylee