Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kaylee, the Junior Forest Ranger

The other day, Kaylee received a Fedex package from Grandmother.  Daddy helped her sign for it, and when they opened it, there was an adorable fishing/hunting/safari vest and sunhat. 

She put it right on immediately and kept it on all day and all evening, until we took it off at bedtime.  This happens about every other day - she loves to dress up and takes turns between Princess, Forest Ranger, Mickey, Kitty, and Nemo.  :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Gabba Halloween!

Kaylee's favorite show right now is Yo Gabba Gabba (Nickelodeon).  They have a Halloween episode, and she's been watching it about 3-4 times per day for the last couple weeks, while she got more and more excited about Halloween.

They just published a Halloween greeting on their Facebook wall.  :)  So Happy Gabbaween!

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we decorated the back of the Rav, got all dressed up in costumes, and attended Trunk-or-Treat at the Limestone School...  It was a lot of fun and so cute to see Kaylee so excited!  Ian took her around while I passed out candy, and apparently she didn't want to leave the haunted house float.  I took a quick little break and my friend Kelly handed out candy for a few minutes and when I found Kaylee and Ian, she was dancing to "Thriller" playing at a really creepily decorated trunk - one of their Jack-O-Lanterns was even blinking its lights in time to the music.  :)

A quick pic from the evening...  (photo by Kelly McCallum - thanks, Kelly!)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goodnight, Moon.

Kaylee's favorite book at the moment is "Goodnight, Moon."  She has heard it read to her so many times that she has it pretty well memorized.  She loves to drag one of us to the couch to read it to her, and then immediately after, she wants to "read" it to us.

Enjoy Kaylee's rendition.  Maybe I can add subtitles someday, but she's fairly clear.  :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Today's Hat

Papa came over to visit this morning.  While he was here, Kaylee wore his hat the entire time.  I thought it was cute and took a few pictures by the window... here's one of my favorites...  She is such a lovely little person, and we are so blessed.  - GVJ

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Some good friends were over visiting last night, and snapped this really cute pic of Kaylee on their cell phone.  Just had to share this smile with you all. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a busy summer we've had!  Since our last post, we went to the Presque Isle Fair, did lots of fun stuff at home, went to King's Landing, went to the Balloon Festival in Presque Isle, played with our kitties that we adopted this spring, had a birthday, made cupcakes, and played Princess dress-up a LOT.  We also took a trip to the Covered Bridge Potato Chip factory in Hartland to see how chips are made, and went to the Hunter Brother's Farm in Florenceville for an afternoon of playing and fun and going through their corn maze.  
In between all that also came a couple canoe trips, lots of trips to the "Dragon Park" (Caribou), and the "Downtown Park" (Limestone), and lots of other parks along the way.  We've read lots of library books, gone shopping, spent time with Nana and Papa, Grammie and Grampy, Uncle Jeremy and Auntie Kelly, Pam and Paul, and we even got to hang out with Hailey and play with Rhianna!   We also talked to Uncle Chris and Aunt Courtney on Skype.  It's been fun.  

Kaylee talks all the time now, repeats everything on TV or that we say, sings a lot of songs she's heard on her favorite shows, tells us what she wants to eat, watch, or play with, and she's gone into size 3 clothes and size 8 shoes!  What a big girl!

Enjoy the pictures of our little princess.  :)

Going to the Fair - we went through a children's agricultural exhibit where kids learn where their food comes from, had fair food, rode the rides, and watched karaoke and a demolition derby.  We also saw lots of animals that day as well as local handicrafts and businesses' exhibits.  One of the best parts of the day was the lemonade from the lemonade stand:  fresh-squeezed, ice cold, sugary deliciousness!  Kaylee loved the whole day and we had lots of fun hanging out as a family.

Getting some grain
Getting some corn
Milking a cow
Riding a tractor with Daddy
Riding the Merry-Go-Round
Kaylee LOVES the horsies
Climbing up the rope wall
Walking across the suspension bridge
Another shot of the bridge
About to go down the big slide
Cooling off with some of Daddy's Pepsi
Pizza - YUM!
Fried Dough - YUM again!
Kaylee eating some pizza
Kaylee's first ride by HERSELF!

In August, our friends came up for their vacation and Kaylee and Mommy met up with them at King's Landing, a historical settlement village along the Saint John River just north of Fredericton, NB.  We enjoyed an afternoon touring around and looking at the way we used to do things, enjoying some time visiting together, and even had some homemade ice cream!
James and Kaylee picking some blackberries
Kaylee playing on an old rocking horse

We had a lot of silly happenings at home also.  
Kaylee with play dough on her nose
Kaylee balancing a spoon on her nose
Kaylee's roadside macaroni cafe is open for business!
There was a general assembly of the Strawberry Shortcake people...
Kaylee and Mama on Skype with Aunt Courtney and Uncle Chris

Daddy and Kaylee drawing on the steps
and sidewalk with chalk!

We also made it to the balloon festival this year.  There were also exhibits and other activities going on that afternoon...
Kaylee getting her face painted...
Sitting still to get her "tattoo"
Kaylee LOVES having her face painted!

Watching the balloons being set up after the winds died down
Getting a good view of the situation
One of the balloons inflating
A couple balloons ready to take off!
Beautiful sky...
Another view
Still more balloons getting inflated
Just hanging out watching all the balloon activity
More balloons
It was a truly remarkable day!

A few months ago we mentioned that we got some new kitties after being without kitties for almost a year.  They were only 8 months old when we got them, they are just over a year now and have grown so much!  Here are a couple pics of Kaylee's kitties... the spelling of their names was Daddy's idea.  :)  To match Kaylee's name, of course.
The following pictures are of Kaylee around her birthday.  She was excited to be turning 3!  The whole princess thing is just a little joke for us - we don't literally spoil her and treat her like a princess.  It was just that when we put the princess gear on her, her entire demeanor changed - even her walk - and she *had to* get to the full length mirror and check it out.  She was in awe and kept smiling at herself and it was pretty hilarious.  She asks to put her princess stuff on every other day for an hour or so.  :)  She's such a cutie.

Getting ready to bake birthday cupcakes!

Princess Kaylee of Limestonia
She's really diggin' the Princess gig
She also got a Cinderella dolly
More princess cuteness - can't believe 
how grown up she is getting
Enjoying a birthday cupcake
Yum!  Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting!
Loved them so much she had another!
She wanted to be a princess the next day, also!
A few pictures from the "Downtown Park" in Limestone...
Coming off the end of the slide
Getting down off the swing by herself
Inside the monkey bars, playing with the gravel
She loves playing in sand and gravel!
Just a candid shot...
Hanging from the bars!
Up on top of the bars with Daddy close by
Swinging really high in the "baby swing"
Swinging on the rope knot swing with Daddy's help
The big pile of tires
At the top of the tires with Daddy!

Another day of Princess Training:

Our trip to the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Factory!  We met up with cousin Erica and Jon, and friends Christine, Tony, and Hailey to go tour the chip factory and gift shop.  It was very interesting learning about all the local brands from the past, seeing the advertising and product wrapping samples, and seeing the chips being made from start to finish in small batches.  It was great to taste the chips fresh from the factory line - but even better to share it with friends and family!

Fresh hot chips given out to everyone touring the factory... they were AMAZING!
Kaylee loved them too!
American Gothic - Hailey and Kaylee
 Two little buddies sitting on the antique potato truck.

After the chip factory, we all went our separate ways for lunch and then met up again at Hunter Brother's farm in Florenceville.  They had a TON of stuff for kids (and grownups!) to enjoy!  What a great afternoon we had, we must make it an annual trip!
Kaylee getting ready for the big slide
Kaylee sliding down to meet Daddy at the bottom!
Kaylee jumping on the big pillow...
More jumping - she LOVED it!
A pig race!
A pig nose!
Kaylee and Daddy riding in a pedal car!
Coming out of the haunted house hay bale maze!
Daddy and Kaylee on the big tractor ride to the cornfields and cooling pond.
Kaylee refused to take off the pig nose for most of the day.  :)

Hailey and Kaylee on the kiddie tractor ride.

See how tiny they are in that first car?
Each car has only ONE big kid in it, except for the 
first one behind the tractor, where you can barely 
see Hailey and Kaylee.

An aerial view of the Thomas the Train corn maze we ran through!
Kaylee playing with the church and pumpkins at
the entry to the corn maze

Corn maze - which way shall we go?
Daddy and Kaylee coming around the corner
Daddy and Kaylee hitting a dead end
With these pictures, we are caught up for another little bit.  We've had some beautiful weather during September and hope for a few more nice days in October as well.  The leaves are turning and it's absolutely beautiful in Northern Maine.  We hope you are having a beautiful autumn also, and we'll udpate again soon.  We still have a few movies we need to go through and edit and maybe they'll end up here sooner rather than later.

Until next time!

Ian, Georgine, and Princess Kaylee