Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

These ones I stole from Kelly's collection on Facebook. :) Thanks, Kelly!

We've had some gorgeous weather lately, so Ian has been taking Kaylee outside to play. Today, I got in on the action and we went for a nice long walk around the perimeter of this side of town. Here's a shot of us from this afternoon - isn't it gorgeous and sunny outside? There's hardly any snow left anywhere, just a few piles here and there on the north sides of buildings, or where there were large mountains of it from plowing driveways.

During our walk, we stopped at the store for some milk.
Ran into Ms. Kelly there, and she had her camera today.

Kaylee was playing with the bushes, then
she took a small tumble walking around,
then Daddy went and helped her back up.

On another afternoon, when it was so warm
out that Daddy wore his shorts!

One evening, Ms. Kelly was visiting us and
when it was Kaylee's bedtime, she got a pic
of Mama brushing Kaylee's teeth.. she has
a LOT of teeth now! All shiny and white!

*All photos courtesy of our friend and neighbor Kelly.

More to come again soon! Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

End of February/Beginning of March

It's been another busy couple weeks since our last post!

We've been to one of cousin David's hockey games (two, actually - this was a tournament):

Freezing in the stands at the Civic Centre in
Perth-Andover during the tournament.

David playing hockey!

Also, Daddy bought roses for his TWO sweeties, Mommy and Kaylee, for Valentine's Day. Aren't they gorgeous? In fact, they are still on the counter, but they're fairly dried up now. But they're almost 3 weeks old now! They were the most beautiful roses we ever saw!

Mommy & Kaylee's Roses from Daddy

Over the last couple weeks the weather has also warmed up nicely. We've had a lot of gorgeous sunny afternoons, where you can feel the sun's warmth, go outside in a sweatshirt, and the snow has been melting steadily. On the last day we had a good snowstorm, it was pretty warm out, so Daddy took Kaylee outside to play in the snow.

Daddy showing Kaylee the snow...

Kaylee having a great time stomping the
snow all flat with her boots...

More stomping...

Had to come inside so Mommy could
fix her mittens... here she is making a
face for the camera..

Our friend and neighbor, Miss Kelly, took some fun videos of Kaylee as well - I'm going to try and link them here... They're on Facebook, so you might need to log in before it will show the movie...

Movie of Kaylee opening and closing the door on the same day as playing in the snow (Facebook)

Movie of Daddy and Kaylee playing in the snow (Facebook)

Sometimes our cat Mocha will sleep in the recliner in the living room, and then when Kaylee goes into the living room, she will want to spend some time with Mocha. On this particular day, she was watching TV and resting her hand on Mocha the whole time, and Mocha was sleeping. It was so cute. Of course, when I went to take a picture of it, Kaylee moved.. but here is the resultant cuteness anyway...

Kaylee and Mocha in the chair...

As we've talked about before, Kaylee loves throwing her toys over the baby gate between the living room and the kitchen. Sometimes, if Mom is sitting on the chair at the kitchen counter, Kaylee will even throw extra hard, maybe trying to hit Mom and get her off the computer...? Hehe... We'll try and get a movie of this because it's so cute, but we've already had to remove some of her heavier toys due to them possibly getting broken from being lifted and heaved over the fence.

Our neighbor downstairs can hear the Little People getting chucked over the fence and sometimes will burst into song on her Facebook status saying how "It's raining Little People." (Cue in music for "It's Raining Men" here...)

One Fisher Price Little Person going up....

and OVER!

And an action shot! Notice that the white Little Person is
still in mid-fall and hasn't hit the floor yet!

All done throwing Little People, and back
in the chair with Mocha for some more TV.

Kaylee giving Mocha some snuggles in Ian's office. She
has a blankie that is usually in a sunbeam in Ian's office
and Kaylee makes a beeline for her when we let her run
around the apartment. Mocha's pretty good about these
snuggles, and is very gentle and docile with Kaylee.

Kaylee also has access to the kitchen cabinet that is directly under the sink. We store our Tupperware and other plastic storage containers in there, and she *LOVES* to play with them. Here's a movie or her opening and closing the cabinet and playing with the dishes...

And here's a photo of the aftermath of a
few minutes of playing with the dishes.

Also happening this past week was Mommy's birthday, which is Kaylee's half-birthday. The birthdays are exactly 6 months apart - Kaylee is September 5, and Georgine is March 5. To celebrate, Miss Kelly came up one night and we baked a giant cupcake, just like the ad on TV. Isn't it cute? Kaylee loves having some chocolate cake after her lunch every day.. (and Mommy likes it too!). Thank goodness Pillsbury made some reduced-sugar canned icing!

Our giant cupcake cake!

Before we got to making the giant cupcake, we had dinner. Kaylee went a little nuts right before we ate, running around and around and around the apartment... Kelly and Molly were visiting, so you'll see Molly walking around with Kaylee... Kaylee and Molly get along very well with each other - you should hear Kaylee giggle when Molly gives her kisses...

Movie of Kaylee running in circles all around the apartment (Facebook)

Kaylee and Daddy ready to go play outside again on a
different day. It was so sunny she needed shades!

We went over to Nana and Papa's for Mommy's birthday supper of lasagna, ceasar salad, and chocolate cake tonight, and while we were there, we took a picture of Kaylee doing one of her favorite things at Nana's house... Nana has a big basket where she keeps all her scarves for winter, and Kaylee loves taking them all out, dragging them around, putting them on, and being a little runway scarf model.

Kaylee wearing one of Nana's many
pretty scarves.

Well that's all for this time, folks! Enjoy the beautiful Spring weather and we'll be back again soon with more of what Miss Kaylee's been up to!