Monday, October 18, 2010

This has been a busy couple months for Kaylee... she has been growing and learning new skills by leaps and bounds! She had a checkup last week and she is now 35 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds. Her weight is finally in the 50th percentile. It's been a challenge finding pants that fit her in length without falling down off her tiny little waist. Her hair is also getting pretty long and I'm going to have to get it cut soon. She has to wear it up or it hangs in her face.

On to the pictures!

Kaylee still loves to get in the tub and play with her toys. She has foam alphabet and number cutouts that stick to the tub, and now that she has been watching Sesame Street so much, she has learned a lot of her letters. I noticed the other day that as they were reciting the letters on the show, she was saying the letter before the TV said it. That's pretty exciting!

Kaylee playing in the tub

Kaylee celebrated her second birthday on September 5. It was a very windy day here in Limestone, a little chilly. We had a barbecue at Michaud Park here in town. We had a hard time lighting the grill, and the wind kept blowing our stuff around. We even had a bowl of chips blow off the table! It was a nice little get together, but after finishing lunch, we didn't linger too long in the wind and cool temps. I made a chocolate sunflower cake for her birthday.

Kaylee's birthday cake

Some of Kaylee's new skills she has learned in the past couple months include:

buckling the seat belt on her booster seat:

and turning the kitchen light on and off repeatedly.

A few cute pictures, just because...

Sorta smiling, maybe a little...

Side profile... my baby is turning into a little girl...

Modeling her adorable Levis denim overalls
from Uncle Matt and Auntie Jen and family

Going on a camping trip...

The next few pictures are demonstrating her increasing ability to feed herself. I've been trying to give her appropriate tools, but sometimes it's just easier to use your hands, I guess. Either way, it's very messy and I will be very glad when we can do this with a little less mess.

Should I use my hand or my fork?

Maybe I'll try the fork.

Yeah! Poking food is fun!

Can I get it all the way to my mouth?


OK, I'm ready to be done now.

Sometimes we all sit up at the kitchen counter and eat together, instead of Kaylee just being fed in her booster chair. Here's a few more cute/food pics...

I still love the crazy hair...

Mmmm. Pears are GOOD!

So good, I filled up my whole mouth!

OK. Now I'm done. Feet up!

Maybe I can eat with my elbows...

Maybe my fingers work better.

Yep. Definitely fingers.

Still getting the hang of the fork!

See? I can do it!

Really! See? It's in my mouth!

As she's gotten a little better about not tearing everything apart, we've started letting her roam around the apartment a bit more freely. She likes to spend time in the office, exploring Daddy's desk or playing with the recycle paper box or coloring... (cute princess jammies also a gift from Uncle Matt and Auntie Jen and family :)

Checking out Daddy's desk...

Daddy's business cards are cool!

I know what some of the letters are now!

Deciding what color to use...

Black is good!

Playing a game on Daddy's computer...

Pac Man Fever!

Kaylee has a little table and chairs set that was her mommy's when she was a little girl in the 70's, and her Nana's when her Nana was a little girl in the 50's. We use it for coloring and for snacks...

Coloring with Daddy!

More and more, Kaylee is starting to lay around on the furniture like a miniature adult. Sometimes the positions she comes up with are pretty cute. I saw her watching TV with her feet on the wall one day...

Laying in the lay-z-boy recliner...

Mrs. Potato Head's stuff in her mouth...

Kaylee has this little routine she likes to do if/when my bathroom door is left open when she's roaming around. She likes to go into my bathroom, climb up on the stool and turn on the light... then she'll sometimes run the water for a while.. but she always closes the toilet lid, and climbs up to get the lip gloss and put it on. It's hilarious to watch her. We have a movie of it, too, just to remember how cute she was when she is older. :)

Getting the lip gloss

Opening the lip gloss

Putting the lip gloss on the lips

Putting the lip gloss back in the tube

Closing the lip gloss

All done!

We went out for some fall fun together a couple weekends ago, to Hunter Bros. Farm in Florenceville, NB. It was a cold, windy day, but we had fun anyway!

Kaylee having a swing on the big kids' swings...

Climbing on the straw bales...

Lots of straw bales here to play in and on...

Kaylee and Daddy...

Kaylee and Mommy... She was NOT impressed
that I was holding her when there were things
to explore!

Here you can only see her head as she moved
around the straw bale maze!

Mommy and Kaylee sitting on a tractor tire...

Mommy and Kaylee again, Kaylee smiling...

She was so tired on the way home, she
couldn't even bang her stick on the frisbee!

Some more pics, just for the cuteness factor. :)

Not sure if she will smile or not.

OK, I guess I can give you a smile, Mommy!

My big girl watching TV...

Nana and Kaylee... Kaylee was
exploring the contents of my purse...

Until next time!

Ian, Georgine, and Kaylee