Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I have created a Monster......

a soft yellow squishy one. 

I showed Kaylee her first episode of Spongebob Squarepants a couple days ago when we were all kind of laying around feeling a little off.

She LOVES it.  Today she not only asked if she could watch it, but when it was over, asked for another one! 

At least it's a break from that whiny little brat, Caillou.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Park Day

Today we had a park day.  Daddy took Kaylee out to the Roswell Bike Park to explore in the woods on the trail this morning and they came back with a HUGE poison mushroom to show me!  Then they threw it in the swamp and came in for a bath!

Later that day, we went to Krispy Kreme for some hot fresh donuts for a treat, and decided to go explore a new park.  We went to Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs.  It was a great park, they have a walkway along the lake, huge porch style swings all along the lake, a really great playground for the kids, a pavillion and a fire pit area... and they're super dog friendly - they even had a doggy water fountain!  We really enjoyed our afternoon there.

Check out the gorgeous fall colors in the background.  And it was hot enough to wear shorts and flip flops today!  We've been having fabulous weather this week after the winds from Hurricane Sandy died down.

Until next time!