Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day - A New Picture Post!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Recently, Kaylee had her first balloons given to her - two mylar helium balloons from a nice lady at Superstore. Kaylee LOVES them and we got some cute pictures of her walking around with them.

Then, we had a busy weekend. First, Flat Stanley came to visit with us for a couple of weeks, arriving Friday afternoon. Then, Mommy went out to play guitar Friday night, so Kaylee and Daddy had an evening together... Daddy made cookies - probably after Kaylee went to bed...

Saturday we all got up early and went to New Denmark Rec Center for their Valentine's breakfast - we had chocolate chip pancakes (one of Kaylee's favorites), eggs, sausage, toast, and pan fries. Yummy! Flat Stanley decided he likes New Denmark Potatoes!

Then we got all bundled up and went to the World Pond Hockey Championships at Roulston Lake in Plaster Rock. Flat Stanley got a little cold, because being from Florida, he didn't realize how COLD it was here, and his hosts forgot to get him a coat and touque and mittens. He had fun though, and decided to ride in Kaylee's backpack most of the day to keep warm. He saw an Inuksuk ice sculpture and learned about native culture, as well as gaining an appreciation for hockey. We must have walked about a mile by the time the day was finished.

Later, we went to Uncle Jeremy's for a few hours to hang out with Jeremy, Karen, and Nala, and even had a short visit with Nana and Grammie Rioux. Finally, Kaylee got sooooo tired and after supper, we went back home, and she went to bed without a peep.

Today we are still catching up on our rest from the last week of activities - in fact, Kaylee is napping right now, and Mommy is going to take a nap in a few minutes, as well. Just wanted to get this post finished up first.

Here are some pictures.

Just taking it easy watching TV...

Kaylee's new balloons!

Where the balloons live when they're not playing with Kaylee...

Kaylee sitting at her little table and watching
Sesame Street on TV - see how she's got Elmo
and Big Bird right there with her?

This is the cupboard where we keep our
plastic dishes for leftovers. Kaylee loves
to play in that cabinet and pull them out
all over the floor and carry them around
the house.

Playing with her balloon while waiting for supper.

Eating one of Daddy's chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Daddy lifing Kaylee way up high to the
ceiling, like a balloon!

Hanging onto both balloons in one hand
while playing with her music table...

Still holding onto the balloons and contemplating what
to do next.

Kaylee loves to sit with Daddy in the big
chair and watch TV.

Flat Stanley enjoying breakfast in New
Denmark - he loved the local potatoes!

Inuksuk at World Pond Hockey

Kaylee, Daddy, and Flat Stanley posing
with the statue at Roulston Lake.

Mommy and Kaylee at the Lake. It's hard
to see it clearly, but Kaylee has a big smile.

Kaylee examining her Valentine's Day
chocolates from Nana and Papa.

Kaylee eating her chocolate. Mmmmmm!

Still eating chocolate, just picking it into tiny
pieces - she does this with a lot of her food.
She also is wearing her Valentine necklace
from Mommy and Daddy!

Kaylee feeding chocolate to Flat Stanley.

Kaylee with her Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy dollies
from Uncle Tim and Aunt Jennifer and her cousins in FL.
She LOVES them! What a great smile!

As you can see, it's been a busy week or so. Hope you are having a Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for all your love and for the sweet gifts for Kaylee! She's a very blessed little girl!

Until next time!

I, G, & K

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Pictures... still playing catch-up!

These are a few more pics from November and December I had to share with you all... I'm *still* getting caught up, if you can believe it!

Surrounded by toys

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba

Family Picture - taken at Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary

Kaylee's friend Hailey came for a sleepover
(she also brought her Mommy, Christine!)

Kaylee *loves* Nana's furry scarves...

Kaylee's book corner

Must have been a busy night in the crib...
(found her like this again this morning, but
with the opposite arm sticking out!)

Christmas Eve Day at Uncle Jeremy's
spending time with her cousins...

Helping Kaylee unwrap her first gift...

Cool! A Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set!

Christmas Morning... having fun opening gifts...

Kaylee checking out Nala from the other side of the window


But first, SLEEP. It's been a long couple days!

After all the gift unwrapping movies from a previous post...
just checking everything out again...

Enjoying all the pretty lights and decorations.

Kaylee really loved the Christmas Tree this year.. she loved to walk all around it, touching all the branches and ornaments and lights on the bottom half of the tree. I put all the breakables up high and we let her touch everything, supervised of course. She was pretty good about being gentle and not yanking everything off the tree, but the candy canes were too much for her and she kept yanking them off. The last few days the tree was up, she started pulling on the beaded garlands as well, so I finally took the tree down and put it all away (mid January). It was so cute watching her so intently touching everything very slowly, feeling everything with purpose and intensity, and seeing her curiousity get the best of her.

Also fun was after the first couple gifts when she realized she was ALLOWED to rip the paper off the boxes. She loved it! And she loved seeing what was inside, usually pausing to look up and smile at us, when she recognized a new Sesame Street character or saw a new toy or book.

We enjoy all the memory making opportunities we are having with Kaylee and enjoy documenting her life in photos and movies, and through this blog, sharing them with you.