Monday, July 18, 2011

Canoe Trip!

Two weekends ago, we went on a little canoe trip from Plaster Rock down to a friend's "beach".  It was about a 4 mile run and took about 2 hours, not including our picnic lunch stop.  It was Kaylee's first time in our wonderful Old Town canoe that was a very nice gift from a friend... (It was Ian's first trip in this canoe, also).  We had a wonderful time with the Ouellette's!

 Floating down the beautiful Tobique River...

 Kaylee looking around... sitting between Daddy and Mama...

 Gotta see what's on both sides of the canoe...

 Mama - having a nice time in the hot sunshine!

 The Ouellette family - 4 adorable little blonde boys and their parents.

Daddy and Kaylee at Nana's, all tuckered out after our canoe trip.

Hot Town, Summer in the City...

A little sprinkler fun...  it was hot in the apartment, so we took things outside for a couple hours.  So much fun!  Daddy even joined in.  :)

 Kaylee's new pool

Playing with the balls that came with the pool...
Edging closer to the sprinkler
Fun with the ball and the sprinkler...

Investigating how the holes work...
 Getting a little more comfortable...

Hmm... this could be interesting...
 Running through the water tunnel.
 Getting ready for a run-through with Daddy.
 Ahhh!  Getting cooled off with Daddy!

 Another run-through with Daddy!

 Pure, wet, fun!  See her smile?  Love the droplets in this shot!

 After every run through with Daddy, she would yell, "YES!"  Hilarious.
 By the end, she PWNED that sprinkler!

Fun at the park....

I just love her smile.  It melts me every time!  Such joy, she smiles with her eyes!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FINALLY it's summer!!!

We have had a long wet spring and it rained most of the months of May and June.  Kaylee loved splashing in the puddles and playing in the mud.

In mid-April we went to the FredKids Fair in Fredericton.  They had a lot of booths set up for parents to buy goods for children, from accessories to learning tools.  There were also a lot of informational booths and promotions going on, but best of all, there were a ton of kids activities set up.  Kaylee got to hang out with her friend Hailey and play at the fair.  There was even a beach set up at one end of the coliseum.  In all, it was a nice day to get out.

Playing with Hailey at the suds and water booth

 In a bounce house with Hailey

Playing at the indoor beach

Of course, there are always the day-to-day antics we get to enjoy...

A quiet, contemplative moment...

Trying on her "crazy hair" - our little Doodlebop
Shanny came for a visit and drew this
amazing Hello Kitty on Kaylee's easel! 

 Standing on a chair to play with her
play dough

 Sometimes, you just need to sit on the table...

 Playing with stickers by sticking them on her face

Kaylee as Nemo

Daddy posing with Kaylee Mouse - it's hard to see
the ears, but they're there.  :)

Some days she loves to look out the window and
play with her toys on the window sill

One afternoon, she peeled off some of
her "wallies" and decided they would
make great temporary tattoos.

Our little cowgirl.  Night shirt, shorts,
and pink Dora cowboy boots!  Stylin'!

Playing with her Leapfrog fridge magnet letters.

Catching a few zzz's in Daddy's office, under the table

Hiding under Daddy's big stack of pillows

The race track in the basement

Just a cute one of her being silly

These next couple need a little explaining.  We have an upright freezer in the dining room.  We recently acquired some new pet kitties (which you'll see soon).  One of the kitties loves to lie on the top of the freezer and look out the window all day.  Since Kaylee saw the kitty climb up there, she had been a little obsessed with getting up there herself and we were constantly getting her down off the chairs.  Anyhow, I turned my head for about 30 seconds one day and she had climbed up and decided to see what was up there.  I store extra boxes of pasta noodles up there, and she had ripped into a box of bowtie pasta and was trying to eat it uncooked.  What a silly doodle.

Kaylee on top of the freezer

Kaylee sampling some uncooked pasta...

Speaking of new kitties, here they are.  They love
to nap together on Kaylee's changing pad on the
dresser in her room.  We named them Sandee and
Icee - spelling by Ian, to match Kaylee.  :)

To our delight, the cats are wonderful
with Kaylee, jumping up for snuggles
and putting up with her rough caresses.
We spend a LOT of time at the park.  Kaylee loves the park, any park, and asks daily, multiple times a day, to "go park", even if we've already been to two parks.  (Yes, we have been to three parks in one day before).  One of her favorite parks is the "Dragon Park" in Caribou.  We also have a really nice park in Limestone, and we know where the parks are in every town in the county, just about.


Walking across the horizontal ladder...
More climbing...

Just trying to figure out what to do next...

Running from the slide to the next stop...

Smelling the lilacs - there are a LOT here

She loves to practice hanging... she's
pretty good at it!

Daddy is always there to catch her!
More hanging...

Concentrating hard...

Go Baby Gators!


Just hanging out...

Enjoying the sunshine...

Static from the slide makes for some crazy hair!

Kaylee has started this other behavior that, while is a bit amusing, is also annoying and time-consuming at the same time.  She actually started it during our road trip to FL this past winter.  If we got her out of the car and she hadn't been out of the car seat long enough, it was a wrestling match to get her back in.  Now she just thinks it's funny and wants to play in the car a bit here and there.  This is what it looks like:
Daddy trying to get Kaylee back in the carseat...

Kaylee, victoriously and joyfully playing in the front seat.
A couple more shots from another day at the park:
Enjoying the nice green grass...

Thinking about climbing the tree...
One more adventure we recently had that we wanted to share with you:  baking.  :)  Kaylee has long been interested in the goings-on in the kitchen.  She loves to play in the tupperware cupboard, help unload the dishwasher, play in the sink, and see what's cooking on top of the stove (which we securely hold her in our arms to do!).  Last week, Kaylee and I made a sunflower cake and some mini chocolate cupcakes.  She is terrified of the Kitchenaid Mixer, but she liked putting the cups in the muffin tins as well as helping me put the ingredients into the mixing bowl.  :)  Isn't she adorable in her little apron?

Putting the papers in the muffin tins

Focusing on her job :)

We need a few more papers...

Checking out the egg.

Stirring the sugar and cocoa together.

 And of course, a few movies!
Kaylee being funny

Kaylee playing drums on the dining room table

Kaylee playing with her Leapfrog letters on the freezer
Kaylee playing at the park

Kaylee discussing the merits of sugar

Kaylee doing knock-knock jokes

Enjoy your summer!  

Until next blog post,
Ian, Georgine, and Kaylee