Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another SUPER DUPER picture post! (and movies too!)

May was a very busy month for us! We did lots of traveling, and were away from home a lot of this month. For the first two weeks of May, we were in Fredericton at Aunt Joanne and Uncle Ivan's staying with the furry sweeties while they traveled to warmer tropical places. It was a great time of visiting friends and Kaylee got to see lots of other kids, and do lots of fun things.

For starters, we had a few visits with Christine and Hailey. We went swimming in the big warm pool, went out for lunch, went shopping, and spent time at the park, too. The babies would get exhausted and occasionally napped in their strollers... like that one day at Walmart, right Chris? :)

Anyhow, both mommies love to take lots of photos, so here are a BUNCH from one of our super fun days...

On this day, after swimming and lunch, where Kaylee impressively ate a hamburger and some oranges, we went to Moxon's Country Pumpkin in Maugerville. They have preserves, baked goods, and a small petting zoo and play area for kids. Kaylee wasn't too thrilled about the swings yet, she needed to get used to them. Hailey giggled and had a big grin on her face most of the time, though.

Kaylee and Hailey on the swings at the Country Pumpkin

Kaylee and Mommy sharing a moment near the animals

After loading up on fresh rolls and yummy cookies, we all went back into Fredericton and visited Wilmot park for the purpose of cuteness. It was an overcast day and the colors of the tulips and the girls' clothing and accessories really stood out against the background... enjoy some of the favorites of the pics we snapped. There were about 400 photos, so I only chose a very few of my favorites... lots of great pics of Hailey too, but I don't want to publish too many, because her mommy puts lots of pics online too. We don't want to bring the internet down because of too much cuteness... :)

Hey! They come off!

Wonder if the petals come off, too? Let me see that!

Mommy trying to teach Kaylee how to SMELL the flower...

So many tulips!

Still destroying tulips...

Trying on Hailey's cute hat. It was so cute, we got a
pink one and a blue one to take home for us!

Running through the grass, tulip and stick in hand...

Taking a little break...

More running...

Another break...

Taking Mommy for a little walk (please excuse the big butt shot!)...

Sticks are SO GREAT!

Our good friends Chris and Hailey!

Back at Joanne's... just learned how to walk
on her tiptoes. How cute is that? :)

Another day at the park with Mommy and cousin
Jenny. Still not sure about this swing thing...

Visiting Wayne & Marilyn and family with Nana and
Mommy and Daddy. Met Frosty the Snowman while
sitting in this mini papasan chair. Miranda decided he
should come live with us, so now we hear him
sing to us almost daily. :) Thanks, Miranda!

Visiting Tasha and family - Kaylee saw the piano
and made a beeline for it. She climbed up and
started playing and played for a long time.
Maybe she's got the music in her, too!

Back home, watching TV with Daddy. She
loves to cross her feet, just like me!

A close-up of the cute feet; see her toes
all curled around? :)

Watching Yo Gabba Gabba with her Dancing Brobee. She
also gets all her Sesame Street characters piled around her
when Sesame Street comes on. So cute!

More TV, more crossed feet!

Gratuitous Cuteness Shot. Love it!

More cute...

Quite the little lady now... capris and a pony tail!

Still working on eating more by herself.
What a messy process. :P

Going outside to play with Daddy...

Another little lady shot. She has thong flip flops
on here! They're great - they have elastic
backed ankle straps to help keep them
in place and comfortable.

More crossed feet...

So later in the month, we took a little long weekend trip for Daddy's birthday. We decided to go to Boston and New Hampshire, and even got Kaylee's Florida Grandmother to come to Boston and meet us for a few days of fun in the sun!

On the way, we met up with some great friends from Caribou who now live downstate, Mike and Carla! It was so nice to see them again and catch up a little on their busy grandchildren-filled lives. :)

Mike, Carla, and Kaylee!

Then on to Peabody, MA where we stayed for the first couple days... and Kaylee learned a few new skillz while we were there. Like how to open lever-style doorknobs. Awesome!

Kaylee showing us she could now open the door.

Video proof of this new talent of door-opening...

The next day we picked up Grandmommy Alicia in Boston and left the car there and took public transportation to see some of the Boston area. We ended up in Cambridge. First we toured Harvard Square, Harvard's beautiful campus, and went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. They have a fabulous collection and we'd like to go back and spend more time there. They have a very impressive mineral collection that was really beautiful to view, as well as a huge botany collection and preserved animals/wildlife. What a gem this museum was.

Harvard had just had some graduation exercises so the campus was busy with people moving out of residences, campus staff moving chairs and tents around, and just a large number of people lazily milling around, enjoying the beauty of the grounds.

Daddy and Kaylee running off
some steam at Harvard...

The next day, we had another trip into Boston, where we did a bunch of sight-seeing. Tons and tons of amazing pics, but this is a blog about Kaylee, not Boston. :) So here's a pic of Kaylee, with her finger shoved up the donkey's nose. Not sure if this means she's a future Republican or what... This donkey statue is located in the courtyard of Old City Hall in Boston.

Kaylee fingering the donkey's nose.

Kaylee modeling her grandmother's new hat.

Kaylee and Daddy dancing at the hotel...

After exploring Boston for a couple days, we took a little road trip to the North Conway, NH area. After finding lunch on the road, our first big activity was traveling up to the summit of Mount Washington on the Auto Road. Kaylee had to spend quite a while in the car that day, but she kept pretty good spirits most of the time...

Kaylee in her seat at the summit of Mount Washington

Daddy and Kaylee getting out some energy
at the foot of Mount Washington, after the
scary drive up and down the auto road.

Kaylee was so tired she went right to sleep that night.

Some down time the next day while Daddy's playing some video games at Fun Spot in Laconia, NH:

Kaylee enjoying a swing the next day...

It took her a couple months before she
decided she liked going in the swings....

But now she really does love it!

Later that evening, Kaylee took her first ride on a Carousel at the mall in Manchester, NH.

Getting buckled in...

Riding up, and down, and up, and down....

We ended this evening with a little
mall playground time...

The next day was such a long day for Kaylee, too. We left Manchester, NH and drove her grandmother back to Logan Airport in Boston, then left after lunch from there to drive the long drive back home. We took a break in Bangor for a bit of running around at Target and some supper before getting back on the road.

Kaylee having a small meltdown at Target.
More of a sit-in style protest, actually.

So, back home again. Still mastering self-feeding...

What a mess!

More running laps around the apartment...

And playing in the cupboard under the sink
took on a new meaning the other day...

Motor control is amazing - she can stack
the blocks pretty high now!

Video of Kaylee stacking blocks...

And riding on her pony is fun, too.

She *loves* her pony...

Video of Kaylee riding her pony...

Hope you've enjoyed this epic post. Sorry they're infrequent and then LONG. Hope the content makes up for it...

We're looking forward to a great summer of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, swimming, parks, camping, campfires and barbeques, and maybe even a tricycle or something!

Have a wonderful summer! Until next time....

Ian, Georgine, & Kaylee