Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Can't believe it's already the first week of May!  In our area, Spring has finally sprung, the snow is *almost* all gone (just a few bits and pieces here and there from the huge snowbanks we had), and the days are warming up nicely, where we can be outside without a jacket in the afternoons.  We are enjoying the glorious sunshine and just waiting on the hot weather to come once the north winds turn away from us again.

All this while, Kaylee has been growing and learning at leaps and bounds!  I just finally barely got her into 24 month/2T in mid-February, and just last week she took a jump into size 3!  She had a big growth spurt and all her pants and shirts were too short again!  Also her feet jumped into a size 7!  It's really amazing to watch children grow.  It happens way too fast.

Anyway, we've again had some fun times and taken lots of pictures of Kaylee, so onto the picture and movie goodness!

Sooo tired.  She conked out on the chair!

 Movie of popping bubbles with Daddy.

Modeling Daddy's "annoying cap" and
one of Mommy's scarves.

 Drawing on her chalkboard easel.

Oh No!  The train is getting away! (movie)

So cozy and snuggled up in her bed.  :)

Conked in her bedroom on the floor during playtime...

 Playing in the sink.  She loves bubbles and water!
(Hopefully she'll help with dishes someday...)

 Her favorite hat to play with.  She wore it watching
morning TV most of this past winter.

Daddy's bathrobe.  It's a little big.

Silly time wearing her connecting rings as a hat.

Helping with dinner.  (Just kidding, she was just
playing with the oven mitts!)

All dressed up with no place to go.

Trying to play with chalk with mittens on.  :)  The
Santa hat is just for extra cuteness, I guess.

She figured out how to grip the chalk.

Time out.  Not sure what this one was
about, but she sure gets mad.  :)

Playing in her princess sleeping bag.

In April, we were thrilled to visit Murray's Sunshine Sugary with Kaylee's friend Hailey.  Murray is Hailey's Papa.  We enjoyed beautiful weather, a yummy lunch, collected sap from the trees, rode around in the groomer, and played in the snow.  It was a fabulous day!
Mommy and Kaylee on the skidoo that brought
them in to the camp from the road.

Checking out the sap coming from the tap in the tree.

Catching a drip to taste the sap...

Collecting sap from the buckets.

The groomer that took us through the woods to
collect sap as well as taking us back out to the
cars at the end of the day, when the snow melted.

Being dragged behind the groomer on the tank
we collected sap in.

 Hailey and Kaylee trying to get to the buckets.
They are standing in DEEP adult footprints!
The snow was soft and we were all sinking.

Dropping some snow into the sap bucket...

A huge field to run in, on the way down to the sugary...

The Sunshine Sugary

Another view - you can see the tubes going inside.
Some of the trees are on tubes instead of collecting
the sap in buckets the traditional way.  The sugary
is at the bottom of a hillside so the sap can run down.
 Bottles of different grades of syrup.  Pure yumminess!

 Kaylee trying Mommy's shoes on...

 Trying on last year's sandals.  Her feet have grown!

 One morning, we went in to wake her early and
discovered she took everything off to sleep!

A few weeks ago, we went for a road trip adventure with friends Christine and Hailey to Portland!  We stopped in Bangor, Freeport, and Augusta before coming home again.  We had a great time!  We did a LOT of shopping, played in the lawn chairs at L. L. Bean, had some yummy food, napped in the car a few times, and played with Hailey a lot.
Went inside the aquarium bubble at L. L. Bean.

Walked hand-in-hand with Hailey everywhere we went...

Slept on the cot with the Princess sleeping bag at our hotel...

Took a nap in the car while the mommies took turns shopping...

Gave the crayons at Olive Garden a bath...

After getting home, the weather got steadily nicer.  We went outside and played quite a bit more often.
All ready to go splash in the mud puddles and slush...

Wearing a basket as a hat.

Looking out the window at Nana's on
Easter Sunday...

 Posing on the bench at Blue Bell, where
we went for brunch on Easter Sunday.

Chattering up a storm at the dinner table at Nana's.

Playing with water and dishes at home.

Hat, Jammies, and Shoes.  :)

Our big girl can walk downstairs now.
Here, she is going outside to play with Daddy.

This past weekend, Kaylee and Mommy went on a day trip to Fredericton with Nana to meet up with Hailey and Christine again.  We took the girls to Kingswood, which is an indoor entertainment complex with a toddler area and children's climber/slides structure.  After, we had lunch and went swimming at the Fredericton Indoor Pool which has a nice big warm pool.  Kaylee had such a wonderful time playing with Hailey again and was so excited when we met up with them.  She slept most of the way home, exhausted after playing all day. 

Climbing into the play structure...

Inside the play structure...

Coming really FAST down the slide onto the crash mat!

Going back into the play structure with Hailey.

Buddies - Hailey and Kaylee!

 Kaylee enjoying our homemade guacamole!

Playing outside in the nice sunshiny weather.

Getting a hug from Daddy!

Walking around with her grilled cheese sandwich.

Grilled cheese sandwich at the hen house.


Until next time!