Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Half Birthday! :)

This week was both my 40th birthday and Kaylee's half birthday (3 and a half already!!!).  We celebrated by going out to a nice dinner at Asian Star in Roswell, and we had the entire restaurant to ourselves!  Most of Monday night's business is take-out.  Kaylee to go explore the restaurants aquariums, dance with Daddy and Mama under the "dance light" (chandelier), and we even got a bonus dessert when the chef heard we were celebrating!

Also, this past weekend Kaylee had her first Dairy Queen soft-serve cone that she ate all by herself (OK, a few licks from Mama to keep the drips at bay).

She still loves playing with soap, water, and bubbles.  Messy and wet, but clean.  :)

We also got a couple cute movies.  Enjoy!

EDITED TO ADD:  Kaylee had an arm injury this week, also.  Just in case your little one ever has their arm hanging limply to their side and they are whiny and sensitive about it, they may have Nursemaid's Elbow.  Basically it's a dislocated elbow and can happen fairly easily, especially to wiggly kids who are runners who hate holding someone's hand.  :(  This happened yesterday and the doctor popped it right back in today without one whimper from Kaylee.  Their ligaments and tendons are very loose until they are about age 5-6 when they grow out of this tendency.  I guess we are probably lucky this hasn't happened before, but it was a little alarming.  We're always concerned about fractures as she is getting heavier.  She weighed 38 pounds on Friday at my doctor's office, by the way.  Our big girl is growing fast!

A big sink full of bubbles

Attaching the Bubble Beard

Guess it's more of a goatee :)

Admiring her bubble beard in the mirror

Kaylee loves to try on Daddy's glasses!

Kaylee and Mama watching Carousel videos on YouTube

 Kaylee's first Dairy Queen cone


Mama: 40  Kaylee: 3 1/2

Half-Birthday Girl!

Our bonus dessert of fresh hot crescent donuts!

And a couple movies for you to enjoy!  These links open up in a new window.