Friday, November 28, 2008

New Developments...

Kaylee started to develop more controlled movements with her hands this past week and is now grabbing at her bottle when we feed her, sometimes holding it for several seconds to a minute at a time... Also she is sitting up much better in her Bumbo seat, and today I noticed she was actually grabbing at the toys I set up in front of her. Here's a picture and movie of some of this stuff. I can't believe how fast she's changing - right before my eyes, it seems. The grabbing the bottle thing I only noticed yesterday, and the sitting up well and actually playing with toys I only saw today for the first time... wow.

She's also scooting and squirming around all over the place now. We are gonna be in so much trouble soon when she's getting around... This is such an amazing thing to me, to watch a child grow and develop. Until next time...

Holding her bottle

Ooh! A Camera! Guess I'll smile now!

Kaylee playing with toys in her Bumbo chair!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Sometimes I don't know what to post besides "Kaylee is so CUTE!". I know there is much more to life in general than how cute our baby is... but I digress.

She has been vocalizing all week and it's so fun to watch her screw up her face and mouth trying to emulate us talking to her. She isn't quite giggling yet, but she's definitely into the cooing stage. I have heard her giggling in her sleep though, and it's hilarious. It's been very fun having a back and forth dialogue with her, even if she's just cooing softly - she is actually responding now, rather than just making random cooing noises. Watching a child develop and learn new things is so fascinating!

She is very flexible, routine-wise, as well. While at home, we sort of have a daily routine for eating, playing, and sleeping. When we travel, I try to keep her eating mostly to schedule, and she's OK if we're a *little* late on it, but she travels well and mostly sleeps well when away from home. My sleep, on the other hand - not so great, because I'm waiting for her to fuss. It might be different if I'm alone with her, so far it's been with someone else (not Ian) sharing a bed with me (OK, you guys - my MOM, or Kaylee in her co-sleeper - nobody else!!!)... so I've been trying to keep her from fussing or making enough noise to wake someone else's household up. Also, I'm used to sleeping in a separate room from her so I don't hear her little fussies, only the big totally awake fussing where she needs to be fed, soothed, or picked up. I'm also used to Ian being on night duty, so after two nights away from home, I am exhausted if I am doing it alone (like if Mom and I running away for a couple days). But as far as being in and out of the car, in and out of the carseat, in and out of her winter outerwear, being passed around to people who are strangers to her... she's totally fine with all of it.

She's growing so fast. Most of the time I'm very awed and excited by her developments, but sometimes I'm a little wistful as well. She's not a teeny tiny newborn any more - she's still a baby girl, but she's got those cute baby fat legs and baby barrel belly and chunky cheeks and double chin. And we both love kissing her all over and tickling her and spending time with her.

We are so blessed.

I have been trying to get a few things done yesterday and one of them was to make up a big order of pictures for printing. I found some of these gems while I was organizing. Enjoy!

Our little Teddy Bear - this is what I actually dressed her up in at Halloween.

Visiting with Aunt Courtney

Visiting with January & Rose (in January's arms)

Mom trying to console the bedtime fussies... she fell asleep about 3 seconds later...

Nana got Kaylee a new hat, but it's a little big right now...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some pictures from this past week...

Kaylee is such a happy baby. Most of the time, anyway. We noticed she was gassy and fussing quite a bit a couple weeks ago and switched her formula to one that was a little gentler on her tummy and she was a totally different kid - calm, peaceful, no gas or fussiness. Unfortunately, I ran out this morning and am waiting on more to arrive from an online store I buy her diapers and formula from. She's been fussy and gassy today from going back on the original formula, and I feel so bad for her because I know her tummy is bothering her. *sigh* At least it CONFIRMS the issue for us.

Here are some more shots from the last week of cuteness:

Sleeping with her hands folded...

Laying on her play mat...

Practicing sitting up in the Bumbo chair...
and playing with her little Chef set...

Taking a little nap on Daddy... wearing her overalls...

Modeling her new argyle sweater from Old Navy...

Having a snuggle with Mommy...

Rock and Roll, dude!

Until next time!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another cute picture...

She makes me smile. Every day. All day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Two Months!

I can't believe our little princess has been with us TWO MONTHS already! She has grown and changed so much. Kaylee smiles all the time, has started vocalizing in response to us speaking with her, and is well on her way to a giggle. She waves her arms around a lot and seems to know her hands are attached and is learning how to use them... and she has very strong legs and will stand on them with a lot of support, and is pushing up on our lap when we hold her against our chest. She also scooches across the changing pad with her feet and legs when I lay her down to change her diaper. I can't leave her anywhere that she has even a remote possibility of falling, as she is getting VERY active. Ian even found her asleep on her belly in her bed once already. She is such a delight and we are so thrilled to have this wonderful little person living with us!

I just figured out that I should do her well baby stats on this blog... so here goes.

Kaylee at one week:

Kaylee at two weeks:

weight 5 pounds, 10 ounces 5th percentile
height 20 inches 25th percentile
head circumference 35 cm 25th percentile

Kaylee at three weeks: (weight check only)

weight 6 pounds, 2 ounces

Kaylee at two months: (well baby check and first shots)

weight 9 pounds, 6 ounces 25th percentile
height 21 1/4 inches 25th percentile
head circumference 38 cm 25th percentile

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kaylee's First Sleepover

My mother got a last minute appointment for cataract surgery for this morning and needed someone to drive for her for the surgery as well as for the follow up (tomorrow), so Kaylee and I came over to Mom and Dad's last night, as we had an early start this morning.

I was a little nervous as I hadn't done the overnight visit thing with her yet - nervous that I would forget to pack something crucial, nervous that she wouldn't sleep well and would keep the entire household awake, nervous that I would be so tired I couldn't function well today (Ian usually takes the night shift with Kaylee at home).

She did really well! We brought her little co-sleeper bed from home with so she could sleep with me (and I could hear her start fussing rather than wake up after she started screaming from a room away), and she conked right out and slept to the halfway point, when she got a bottle, and then slept again until after I got up. I was able to get up and get ready and get her stuff all laid out and then wake her up.

And she wakes up with those amazing smiles like the one I posted a few posts ago. She's such a happy and content baby. We are so blessed.

So - sleepovers good. Traveling in car - good. Change in routine - good. Baby's flexibility - amazing!