Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's FINALLY March!  That means Kaylee's half-birthday (she's two and a half now!), spring, sunshine, warmth, melting snow, slush, mud, and longer days ahead!  We are so excited to finally see the beginning of the end of winter!  

It's been a pretty busy month and a half for us!  We had lots of playing outside, a big road trip, lots of learning and talking and new words and experiences, and lots of fun, too!

Here are some of Kaylee's latest adventures...

She loves to dress up in anything she can find.  We still have her hats and mittens from last year, and even though the hat is a little on the small side, she adores it and likes to wear it sometimes while she's playing or watching TV.  She also tries on our tshirts, sweaters, shoes, and anything.  One day she was obsessed with her flip flops and even wore them to bed for her nap.  They were still firmly planted on her feet when she woke up. 

 Silly hats with Kaylee

 More silly hats...

Trying on Mama's favorite sweater...

Kaylee knows what to do with chocolate!

Kaylee has a huge box of books in the guest room.  These are the story books with paper pages, which I have kept out of reach until now, as she went through a mad paper tearing phase.  The books are still in a box waiting for me to put together her IKEA cubby set.  When she is wandering around looking for something to do, sometimes she goes in the guest room and looks through her books.  Sometimes she can't get close enough to the books and climbs right into the box with them. 

 In her box of books...

Kaylee also LOVES to play with water.  In the tub, the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink, water fountains, etc.  Usually she makes a bit of a mess, but she has so much fun, and it's just water, after all.  She has just started pouring water over from one cup into another, and she likes to "wash dishes" a little, also.

 Playing in the kitchen sink!

Playing UNDER the kitchen sink.  :)

This next group of photos was taken during our big road trip.  Kaylee's Aunt Courtney got married to Uncle Chris in Florida, and we drove down to be at the wedding.  We took our time traveling, enjoying visits with several friends along the way, meeting some of our friends' children for the first time!  Kaylee enjoyed playing with all the kids along the way, exploring lots of shopping malls (great way to run off some steam!) and hotels, and seeing lots of new sights from the car windows.  She's a great traveler - between the toys and books, movies, talking and reciting the alphabet and numbers, and the stops to stretch our legs, she settled right into the routine of long driving days and did really well!

 Who doesn't love McDonald's Playland?

 Visiting the Lincoln Memorial in DC...

 Visiting the National Air and Space Museum...

 Kaylee and Annie...

 Kaylee sitting at a kids table for the very first time.
She mostly spilled their drinks and ate off their plates.
Still learning some manners...  :)  Sorry, James and Lillian!

 Kaylee and Daddy riding the train at the Mall of Georgia...

 Kaylee's first haircut - did not go over well at all!

 Kaylee on her new cot in the closet at one of our hotels.
It was cozy and she liked it in there - she liked pulling the
doors shut and "hiding" from us.

 All of us on top of Stone Mountain outside of Atlanta.

A couple of in-car moments:

Kaylee singing the "I'm so sorry" song from an episode of "Yo Gabba Gabba"...
Kaylee reciting her alphabet and counting while we were driving down the road...

 Catching a cat nap in the middle of a hectic day...

 Using a fork to eat her own lunch at Steak & Shake...

 Helping the fork get an orange into her mouth.  :)
This is another skill we're still working on.

 Playing in a canoe in a kiddie play place
at the mall in Gainesville, FL.

 Same play place...

 Seeing a huge statue of an alligator in 
the Oaks Mall in Gatortown!

 Wow, this is a really big gator!

 Posing with Albert and Alberta at UF!

 Kaylee and Daddy at the Swamp!

 Kaylee running in the stadium hallway.
Obviously NOT a game day.  :)

 Kaylee and Daddy playing at Aunt Courtney's.

 Kaylee sporting her cool princess sunglasses!

We enjoyed very good weather for most of the duration of our trip, and when we got home, it was cold and stormy for a couple weeks, so we mostly stayed in, only venturing outside for necessities.  We started climbing the living room gate, we snuggled on the couch together and watched movies,  we tried some new foods, started climbing on some new tables from IKEA, had some baths and bubbles and dressed all warm in jammies and a bath robe, and discovered that somewhere along the way, we had another growth spurt and made a bunch of clothes too short in the arms and legs again, as well as gaining another size in shoes!  It was a very busy month!

 So cute...

 Almost up and over.  Uh oh...

 Cuddled up for family time on the couch.

 Trying to get the last few drops of Mountain Dew...

 Eating homemade fresh guacamole and chips!

 Sitting on the tables from IKEA.

Kaylee has a Fisher Price Barnyard that makes noises when you open doors and touch surfaces.  It has a sloped roof on it.  She also has a little Pinocchio doll that she's a little obsessed with, if you touch his nose, it talks, mostly saying, "I'll NEVER become a real boy..."  On a side note, when she is in a mall play place or at a McDonald's play place or even outside at a park, she LOVES LOVES LOVES to slide down the slides.  The bigger, the better.  Somehow, she concocted this situation in her mind where Pinocchio climbs into the hayloft, escapes out the side window, and slides down the roof.  Saying "WHEEEE!" at the end, just like Kaylee does.  And by the way, she is absolutely hilarious to watch sliding in the mall play places.  She is conditioned to yell "WHEEEE!" at the top of her lungs when she slides down and she is so excited and the other kids sometimes don't know what to make of her.  They either run the other way because she is so loud and boisterous about it, or they form a little "WHEEEE!" flash mob and they all start doing it.  Either way, it's pretty entertaining to watch.  So here's Pinocchio sliding down the barn...


 Cutie in her little pink bath robe.  :)
 Princess jammies are getting too short!
Kaylee is growing fast!

One night, at suppertime, I had to leave for an appointment.  Kaylee was already in her chair eating, and after we said goodbye and I left, Ian told me that she kept saying "Bye!" and "Seeya!".  He thought it was cute and tried to capture it on video...

Bye!  Seeya!

Well, this is the conclusion of this latest update... hope you've enjoyed the pictures of movies of our fast-growing little girl.  We're having a blast watching her learn and can't wait to see what adventures we all have together this next month or two!
Until next update!  Bye!  Seeya!

Ian, Georgine, and Kaylee