Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July and a long catch-up!

Where does the time go?  It's already the 4th of July and I haven't updated since March!

We've been busy having lots of adventures.  We go to the library, the thrift store, the grocery store, the mall with the carousel and play area, the bike trails, we do laundry, we wash the pollen off the cars, and we get the mail and go to McDonald's to play!

Sometimes we get to go on long trips in the car.  We took a couple trips to Florida - one to Jacksonville and one to Tampa - and we drove up to Maine to spend the summer too!

Here's some photos and movies to share what we've been up to!

Our favorite restaurant right now is Steak and Shake.  Kids eat free on Sundays, the menu is great, and the prices are even better!  And good burgers!  

 Having a drink after playing at the park...

Playing with her new car...

Daddy in the Steak and Shake hat!

Mama in the Steak and Shake hat!
 Kaylee still does lots of funny and peculiar things...  for her entertainment or ours, we haven't figure out yet.  :)

Just hanging out in Daddy's sink...

 Playing Mickey Mouse...

 Oh no!  I grew!  It's almost too small!
Sticker maniac

Snuggling on the couch with her monkey named Coco

Painting a velvet Tinkerbell!

Here is a link to a video of Kaylee playing carousel 
with her little people.  She queues them up behind 
a gate and everything.  :) 

Our church put on a craft time/easter egg hunt/snacks and fellowship time on the Saturday of Easter Weekend.  We took Kaylee over to have some fun...
 Daddy and Kaylee doing a craft...

 Daddy and Kaylee checking out her loot!

 Kaylee totally hamming it up for Mama!

 Kaylee and Mama on Easter Sunday morning...

 Kaylee on the swing behind Uncle John's
house on Easter Sunday

More of our day-to-day stuff:

 Kaylee helping with dishes, washing a pot.

 Just hanging out at the park one afternoon...

 Taking a snack break

 Climbing up the twisty slide...

 Twirling down the twisty slide...

Link to movie of her doing the slide all by herself

 Climbing in a tree at a Bono's restaurant
in Jacksonville, FL

 Kaylee's little furry buddies...  Mama's love muffins.
(Daddy's tolerable cats.)

A link to a movie of Kaylee saying the phrase we have never 
figured out for a good year and a half at this point...  
We call it the Tappit Guano movie.

 Checking out the blue hairpiece from McD

Link to movie of Kaylee doing a dancey dance from Yo Gabba Gabba

 Fell asleep on her crossed arms while watching TV

 Kaylee vacuuming her room.  She's a good helper!

 Kaylee hanging out with Will during our
trip to Tampa in May.

 Emma is all grown up now!
 Will is taking a stand.  Not sure on what.

 This is the moment Kaylee became obsessed with
stethoscopes.  It's to the point where I actually just
ordered her a real one on eBay so she can learn all
about it.  :)

 Steak and Shake in Ocala on the way home

We had a pretty busy pollen season this year, and 
had to rinse off the car plenty.  Kaylee loves to 
wash the car, so we got a movie of her doing 
it.  She loves to wash Daddy, the sidewalk, 
the building, the plants, and herself also.  :) 

 Getting ready for our trip to Maine.
Kaylee is helping me pack.

 All ready to roller skate!

 A McDonald's Robot Playland!

So now it is the second week of June in our photos and we are in Limestone for the summer.  Daddy flew home to Atlanta from Boston and drove the rest of the way by ourselves on the last day.

 Kaylee wearing Jasmine's belly shirt.

Mowing the lawn, riding on Papa's orange tractor.

 Breakfast at Valhalla with friends!

 Hanging out in Bob's truck with Rose and January!

 Waiting for the Founder's Day Parade to start!

 Kaylee watching the parade - New Denmark 
celebrated 140 years this year!

 Kaylee marching down the road with the marching band!

 Just hamming it up for the camera...

Kaylee and I went to visit the Brayalls in Riley Brook during Fiddles on the Tobique for a few hours.  It was fun to watch the canoes float by, hear music, play music, eat goodies, and chat with lots of people.  Kaylee had a great time!

 Watching the canoes float down the river...

 Dancing to the fiddle music...

 Still dancing...

 Still dancing...

 It's very fun, see?  :)

 Learning to play the gut bucket (washtub bass).

 A few days later we had a nice visit with Shanny.
 Kaylee's first attempt to paint her own nails.
Could have been much worse!

 Sitting pretty for another nail painting session...

 She wanted purple this time.

I decided while we were up here and hanging out with friends and family, that I would see what's going on and heard that Sarah was going to try doing Tball with the little kids.  This was the first session, and it was so cute to see all the kids trying to follow Ms. Sarah's directionsThis takes place on Wednesdays at 6PM at the New Denmark ball diamond, if anyone has any littles they know of that would like to try - recreation only, non competitive.  $10 registration.  Ages 4-7 (or 3 1/2 if they're interested).
 Kaylee standing on her spot, getting
throwing coaching...

 Aww.... she's so big now!

 This could be running to a base..... 
or NOT!  Hahahaha

 We r stealin ur bases.

 Oh look!  A ball over here!

 This looks like a nice place to sit down and play in the wet sand...

 ...while the rest of the kids do game related stuff.  Haha!

Then we made a quick stop at the store for a drink for Mama, some of Heidi's candy, and ran up for a quick visit to Grammie and Grampy's house.  The canola is in full bloom there, so even though it was gray and getting darker out, I decided to try some snaps of Kaylee in the canola.

 Kaylee in the canola!

Hamming it up in canola, with mountains!

And this, America, concludes our current broadcast.  Thank you for tuning in, good night, and Happy 4th of July!