Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Fun!

Hi, let's pick up where we left off at the end of September.  It's been a really busy fall.  We had lots of fun dressing up, trying new activities, seeing friends and family, Daddy got a new job and we moved to the greater Atlanta area in Georgia.  All our contact info has changed, so if you would like to get in touch, send an email!

Hello Everybody!

Kaylee is all dressed up and waiting to go to Jack's Halloween party:

Enjoying a candy apple from Jack's party!

Mommy and Kaylee on a lunch date at McDonald's in Caribou:

Kaylee making her first Jack O'Lantern - she thought that scooping out the seeds was a little yucky, but loved the roasted seeds afterward!

Then we got ready for Trunk or Treat in Limestone at the school, where Ms. Kelly joined us.  Princess Kaylee!

All ready to go!

Mama handed out candy while Kaylee went
Trunk or Treating...

Mama, Kaylee, and Daddy, taken by Ms. Kelly

Relaxing after all the Halloween festivities...
Kaylee got a couple Disney outfits last year from Aunt Jennifer, some Princess dress up stuff for her birthday this year from us, and she loves dressing up so much that we've slowly been collecting dress up items from thrift stores, dollar stores, etc.  She also has received some dress up gifts from her grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Here is a mixup of all her dressing up over the last few months.


Disney Minnie Ears Princess hat

And again, with a super smile!

Hanging out with Nana and looking at her rings.

Tiger with purple witch hat

Tiger Kaylee and Mama posing for the camera.

Messy haired Cutie Pie

One of the Pirates who don't do anything (some of
you will totally get this reference LOL)

Cowgirl and red haired ringlets!

Kaylee on Safari

Still on safari, different day...

Sunglasses at night

Tiger watching TV

Princess in a Box


Aaargh!!!!  A pirate!

Tiger Princess

Mickey Mouse

Mickey up close

Ballet Dancer reading on a bench

And again.  Oh, in sunglasses.  :)

Sunglasses and Easter Basket Hat, with Jingle Bell necklace.

Ready for a Party!


Gator drinking Hot Chocolate!

Rapunzel getting a pedicure from Mama.  Purple, of course.

When Daddy went to Georgia ahead of us, Kaylee learned all about Skype.  She often asked to "See Daddy computer" or "See Daddy onwine".  Then she learned that Nana could also be on the computer, and our friends with Skype could be on the computer, and a whole new area of entertainment opened up.  :)  Here she is with Nana one evening, while we chatted with Pam and Paul!

"Onwine" with Daddy on Skype.

We also had a visit from Christine and Hailey in December before we moved.  Hailey and Kaylee have been friends for a long time (but not as long as their mommies!  XO Chris!) and love hanging out and playing together and even ask their Mommies about each other when they're not hanging out.
Playing with the Geotrax Train set...

All dressed up to go see the Limestone Christmas Parade!

Hailey and Kaylee hugging on each other.
A truck all decorated for the Christmas Parade.
Hailey and Kaylee chatting with Santa!

Hailey and Kaylee eating Pumpkin Chocolate Chip pancakes!


I'd like to call this next section "Adventures with Kaylee."  There's always *something* exciting going on when Kaylee is around.

One day she turned her bracelets into a Mickey Mouse.

Then, while I was busy working on the mudding and taping
in the apartment we were converting, she decided she would
help herself to a snack and not bother me for help.  She poured
out the rest of the box of Cheerios all over the floor.  She was
very excited to show me what she had done!
Then, when the phone rang while I was sanding a
seam, she decided to go see what I had been so busy
with all day long.  See the little foot prints both in the
dust and on the rug?  :)

In this photo, she decided to take a hammer and putty
knife and "help" me on a freshly perfected sanded seam.
I had to re-do another skim coat, but she was pretty happy
to have "helped" me.

Here she is, exhausted from her adventures.

Eating a "yogurt popsicle," her favorite
treat for a while.  All I did to make these
was to slit the foil top on the kiddie-sized
Danonino cups and drop a popsicle stick
in before freezing the entire 6-pack.

Riding her new Melissa & Doug "Trunki"
suitcase around the house.  She loved it!

What?!  Why are you taking all these pictures?

She somewhat obsessively sorts and stacks her toys
in many different ways, by color, type, shape, size...
I wonder who she takes after?  :)

She got into the bottom shelf of my very small pantry cabinet.

I call this "The Day the Baby Powder Exploded."

Sitting side-saddle on her rocking horse to watch TV.

Eating a giant candy cane!  She loves candy canes...

Sitting next to her Christmas Tree.  :)  We didn't do
much decorating for Christmas this year, but we did
have a beautiful hand-made wreath from our friend
and neighbor, as well as a very small wicker tree
with lights.  The rest of the Christmas ornaments
went onto the moving truck before Christmas!

We were so blessed and happy to have Daddy come back for Christmas through the generosity of our good friends, and we got to drive back to Georgia with Daddy.  We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in New Denmark this year and relaxed with friends and family!  It was truly a wonderful Christmas.

Kaylee helping Daddy clean the snow off the car
before going to Nana and Papa's.

This is hard work!

Four generations of Georgine girls!
L-R back:  Georgine (Mama), Jocelyn Georgine (Nana)
L-R front:  Kaylee Georgine, and Georgine (Grammie)
The "Georgine" name has travelled through 6 generations
maternally (also my great-grandmother Carrie Georgine,
and my great-great grandmother Georgine)

Kaylee enjoying her first candy necklace!  It was a
huge hit and she asks for them often.

All dressed up to go play outside with Daddy!

Snuggled up on Grampy's lap eating chips.

Our adventure moving to Georgia started with Daddy going down early to start his new job and find our new apartment.  Then came the moving truck a few days before Christmas, and we left Maine on December 29.  The following photos were all taken after Christmas, after we'd arrived in Georgia.

Kaylee wanted eggs for breakfast one day when I was
on the telephone.  That was a fun mess to clean up!

Waiting to go on the carousel at the Mall of Georgia.
Kaylee and Daddy on the big carousel!
Playing in the kids' playground area at the mall...

She does sleep *sometimes* - even with her tiara!

Having a cuddle with Daddy!
One of our favorite activities remains going to explore and play at the park.  Georgia, and especially the Roswell area, has so much to offer in this regard.  There are city parks everywhere, recreational facilities all up and down the Chattahoochie River, and a lot of trails and green space connecting recreational areas.  In fact, our apartment complex backs up onto Big Creek Park and the greenway.  It's not uncommon to wake up on Saturday, get dressed and get into the car, and look for a new park on the GPS and go exploring.  Kaylee sure loves being outside and pushing the limits with climbing and swinging and other adventures.  :)

Climbing up to get to a HUGE slide!

Kaylee in the bubble.

Making another trip up to the slide...

She *LOVES* climbing ladders!

Having a great time outside at the park!

Adventures with Mama include things like:

Lunch dates!

The tiny carousel in the "Baby Room" at Walmart...

Rollerskating on our balcony...

A little road trip to visit friends!
(Hanging out with Will in this shot)

We also got to see some friends and family during a week in Florida.  We got to see Aunt Coco and Uncle Chris; Matt, Jen, Emma and Will; Tracy; Pam and Paul; and Papa Ted, Aunt Janet, Uncle Loran (who Kaylee called Co-Loran); Aunt Connie and Uncle Robert and Josh and Dusty; and cousins Darrell and Billie Jo.  Lots of down time just hanging out with our friends, lots of fun time with Aunt Coco, and enjoying not being on a schedule and just going with the flow.  Kaylee had a great time and charmed everyone she saw.  She even picked out another grandma to add to her collection, Grandma Pat in Jacksonville, a lady who lives next door to Aunt Janet.

While we visited Pam and Paul, we even managed a side trip to Cocoa Beach, which was beautiful and warm in the sun.  We had a great afternoon exploring the space coast area with Pam!

Kaylee on the boardwalk, not really knowing it leads
to the beach yet...

A little further out toward the beach.  Right
after this shot was taken, she heard the waves
crashing onto the beach and took off running!

Our beach girl LOVES the beach!

Enjoying the surf!

Wow!  The tide is coming in!

Feeling the waves breaking over our toes...

The waves of water just keep coming in!

Happy to be at the beach!

Completely mesmerized.

Big smiles all afternoon...

Almost completely soaked at this point.

This girl LOVES the water and did NOT
want to get out and leave!

OK.  Now that we're totally soaked from
head to toe, maybe we can go change our

We made a quick stop at the original Ron Jon
Surf Shop to pick up a few souvenirs.  Kaylee
entertained herself for a few minutes while I
looked at some postcards and Pam kept her
eyes on Kaylee...

Back home to Daddy after stops in Tampa, Palm Harbor, Wesley Chapel, Titusville, and Jacksonville.  Then we explored another new park near our apartment on President's Day.

Swinging on the tire swing...

Trying out the lounge swings with Daddy!

This is a fun way to swing!

More swinging...

A quick picture with Mama before
jumping off the swing

She really LOVES the park and being outside!

Daddy trying out the coil spring teeter totter...

Kaylee learning how to use the sand digger levers.

Our daughter is growing fast, eating lots, playing hard, and so animated and full of joy!  We enjoy our adventures with her and seeing how she reasons and experiments.  Her latest obsession is her roller skates that we picked up at a thrift store...  We take her roller skating and biking at the tennis courts in our apartment complex, which are always deserted.  She also likes to wear them around the house.  Sometimes even while she climbs up to the sink to wash her hands...  Silly girl...  :)

I also uploaded a couple dozen movies which I'll share as links below.   The links open a new window, so you can just close it after you've watched it and you should be back on this post.  If you would like, you can go to my You Tube Channel and watch ALL the movies I have uploaded here...

Kaylee singing:

And various adventures with Kaylee:

This next month's adventures will include Potty Training which has already commenced.  Wish us luck!  Until next time,

Ian, Georgine, and Kaylee